How to use the sculpting, massaging, and calming tool that’s been in skin routines for centuries.

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Woman using a face roller Woman using a face roller

Note: All content and information in this article are for information purposes only. You should consult a medical professional prior to starting new skincare regimens.

No, it’s not just your imagination—face rolling is everywhere these days, and there’s a good reason why. From restless nights to lack of H20, face rolling helps wake up your skin. But what is face rolling and why is everyone doing it? To get the low-down on the industry-loved technique, we tapped two skin experts to speak to its benefits, the proper way to use a face roller, and more.

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Face Rolling & Its Benefits

Face rolling isn’t a new practice—in fact, it dates back centuries. LA-based esthetician Angela Caglia tells us: “It was, [and still is], a way to help with puffiness,” Caglia says. Traditionally, rollers are made from jade, amethyst, rose quartz, or other crystals, which have a natural coolness to the touch. “The cold is to calm the skin,” Caglia notes. To ensure your tool is extra cool, the expert says you can store it in your refrigerator.

In addition to the crystal rollers mentioned above, there’s a slew of different facial sculpting devices on the market today. For starters, gua sha is another centuries-old tool that remains a go-to for beauty enthusiasts. These small-but-mighty stones are carved to mirror the curves of your face and are lauded for their ability to sculpt the face, reduce the look of dark circles, and more. Then there are ice rollers, which are essentially exactly what they sound like—cold, skin-calming devices designed to be kept in the freezer. For a deeper treatment, micro-needling rollers help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How To Use A Face Roller

Before you get rolling, Caglia recommends first applying an oil-based formula, which could be a serum, oil, or moisturizer. “This will further infuse essential fatty acids into your skin while giving a little slip to the roll, which is what you want,” the esthetician explains.

As for target areas, Karina Sulzer, founder of Skin Gym, suggests beginning at the jawline and cheekbones, moving from the center of your face, and rolling outwards and upwards for that sculpted, more defined look. Caglia adds, “You don't want to go backward; you want to go upwards and outwards.” When you get to your neck, follow the same steps. “You typically want to roll each area at least three to five times,” Sulzer says. the best part is that it shouldn’t change up your routine: From start to finish, the process should take no more than five minutes.

Caglia also let us in on an esthetician-approved trick for getting the most out of your skincare routine: warming the tool. To make sure it’s the perfect temperature, she suggests testing the water on the inner wrist before applying to your face. “Drop [the tool] in warm water for 5 seconds first.” If the temperature is comfortable, dip the roller into the warm water for 30 seconds so it’s able to retain the warmth.

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to frequency. But, Caglia does encourage us to use the skincare tool every day. “You should be able to pick up a face roller whenever you want, that’s the beauty of it,” she says. And while some skincare techniques require weeks (if not months) to notice a difference, that’s not the case with face rolling. According to Caglia, you won’t have to wait long to see results. Now that’s what we call a glow up.

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