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Link your Shopbop account and Amazon Prime membership to get exclusive benefits every time you shop.
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Fast, Free 2-Day Shipping
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Discounted Next-Day Delivery ($3.99/item)
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Exclusive Access to Prime-only Promotions
Here's How To Link Your Account:
1. On the Shopbop Sign In page, tap the "Log In With Amazon" button.
Sign in, Login with Amazon
2. Enter the email and password associated with your Amazon Prime account.
Screenshot of Sign in with Amazon to associate your Prime account
3. Allow Shopbop to access your Prime account details.
Screenshot of valdiating you associated your Prime account with Shopbop
4. Finish linking your accounts by signing into Shopbop with your Shopbop email and password. (Don't have a Shopbop account? Create one now!)
Screenshot showing your shopbop login screen with prime set up
Once signed in, you'll be redirected to the Shopbop homepage and will then be able to access your Prime benefits!
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